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What we do

AIG is 100% Aboriginal owned and self funded with a remit is to spend Aboriginal money on Aboriginal people for the purpose of social and economic development. We do that by dividing our corporation into two key areas: 

  • Wealth creation through our assets and services 
  • Wealth distribution through projects that we invest in

Wealth creation 

Most of our wealth comes from our asset property portfolio and the rent that we receive from our tenants. Our services such as business support services and community store management also create wealth and contribute to our earning capacity.  

Wealth distribution 

This is how our money is spent on Aboriginal people in the regions through projects that we choose after community consultation and planning. Currently we have six project areas that focus on Katherine and Victoria River District. Our plans for the future are to extend further into the five other northern regions of the NT. 

Annual Reports

  • 2018/2019 Annual Report
    The year started with a clear vision to empower board and staff with the resources to achieve our goals and build our brand. Its ended with tangible achievement and much to feel proud about.
    click here to read the 2018/2019 report
  • 2017/2018 Annual Report
    Building momentum has defined AIG’s 2017/18 financial year. This report details the exciting projects completed and provides an opportunity to articulate our vision for the coming years of wealth creation and wealth distribution.
    click here to read the 2017/2018 report