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Remote Laundries

Having working washing machines with access to hot water and good detergent is harder than you might think for people living in communities. We believe public laundries are a necessary service for all people in the NT, especially in places where overcrowding is common. We want our laundries to be a part of the solution to improves health through clean bedding, clothes and towels. 

Project overview

Simple in design our laundry is set in a shipping container with four industrial washers and four dryers. Improving health through clean clothes and bedding is a key priority of the laundry project. Providing a place for local employment is the other.

Designed as a charitable venture and operated through the North Australia Aboriginal Charitable Trust, the Remote Laundry project relies partly on donations from the corporates and the public. 

Remote Laundry website 

The website was launched in February 2019 and designed to offer transparency and insights about the social and economical benefits of this exciting project. It is also a platform for people to support the project through donation. Visit to find out more. 

Our washing model:

Remote Laundries is in pilot stage. In the future there are plans to have public laundries throughout the Top End.

Our goal is that our laundries will:

  • Be managed by AIG
  • Employ local Aboriginal staff
  • Operate on a model of corporate sponsorship and public donations.