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  • Bagala Board
    Valuable community meetings

    Last week Steve (CEO) and Alexa (COO) headed out on the road. Firstly, to Timber Creek about 300km west from Katherine and then Barunga about 80 km east of Katherine. Some serious kilometres were covered! This photo was taken at the Bagala Board meeting in Barunga. 

    Hot, exhausting but immensely valuable, these trips are part of a quarterly service provided by AIG in the business and governance support services (learn more). This trip was to visit two key clients: Gunamu Aboriginal Corporation in Timber Creek and Bagala Aboriginal Corporation in Barunga.

    Both corporations own multi-million-dollar businesses in their communities, and our job is to support the board members to make their businesses financially viable. For Steve, spending time in community helps him to evaluate AIG’s services.

    It’s not until I get out into community that I get the real connection with our clients. Being on the ground as opposed to in our Darwin office offers the chance to properly analyse what’s been achieved and what more needs to be done to make our services work for everyday people in community.

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