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  • Low prices Aboriginal community stores
    No price gouging in our Aboriginal community stores

    You’ve seen it in the news - $9 for a celery and shoppers around Australia are outraged, calling it price gouging. And they are probably right.

    Sadly, we are well versed in the concept and sentiment of price gouging which is common in Aboriginal community stores in the NT. The good news is, you will not see any gouging going on at any store that we manage, not in the time of corona virus or at any other time.

    In a lovely post on social media, Lyn, a manager from the Wirib Store in Timber Creek said:

    “Hi Everyone, I just want to reassure everyone that Wirib Store is safe and there is no coronna virus here. Secondly, I want to reassure everyone that you’re not going to go hungry, we are working on extra stock so we can supply everyone. Some of our prices are very similar to Coles and Woolworths and that’s the healthy stuff, the lollies and chocolate may be more expensive, but will definitely be cheaper than a trip to Kunnanurra or Katherine…”

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