Current projects

Building stronger communities
We seek out opportunities while working in an intelligence model. It’s about alignment, strategic placement and relationships. We have two pillars at AIG: operational and charity and two are aligned because the operational business derives income for the charitable distribution.
Steve Smith
Remote Laundries project

The BIG VISION of the AIG Remote Laundries is that all people living in remote communities in the NT will be able to wash their clothes, bedding and towels. To find out more visit our Remote Laundries website at

The first step is to work in consultation with Aboriginal Corporations to build laundromats in seven sites in the Top End of the NT. Barunga (south east of Katherine) is the site of our first Remote Laundry and we are busy planning for number two.

Benefits of laundromats are enjoyed throughout the world and we believe they should be enjoyed in remote communities in the NT too.

Gunamu Aboriginal Corporation

Client: Gunamu Aboriginal Corporation
Location: Timber Creek
Timing: ongoing

AIG provides corporation oversight, funding application suport, project management, governance training, legislative compliance and contractual obligation support to Gunamu Aboriginal Corporation.

Bagala Aboriginal Corporation

Client: Bagala Aboriginal Corporation
Location: Barunga
Timing: ongoing

AIG has a long standing relationship with Bagala Aboriginal Corporation and more recently have taken over the management of the Bagala Community Store. We are committed to making the store a primary place of employment for locals in the region as well as offering quality food at affordable prices. AIG continues to work with the board of the corporation in governance and strategic business support.

Our Remote Laundries project chose Barunga as the pilot site and as a result have spent many months working closely with the Bagala Aboriginal Corporation to trial this important project so it can be applied in other communities throughout the Top End.

Wirib Aboriginal Corporation

Client: Wirib Aboriginal Corporation
Location: Timber Creek
Timing: ongoing

AIG  manages the Wirib Store and Tourism Park on behalf of the Wirib Aboriginal Corporation. This includes corporation oversight, funding application assistance, project management, business support services,  legislative compliance and contractual negotiations.

Northern Land Council building

Client: NLC
Location: Darwin NT
Value: $1 million

To design and refurbish the NLC building in Mitchell Street, Darwin by improving street scape and internal building.

Peleton Red Mud extraction project

Client: Peleton Red Mud
Location: Northern Western Australia
Value: $250,000

The project involves the isolation and extraction of high purity alumina (HPA) (99.9% purity) from the waste red mud in Northern Western Australia. Phase one of the project sought to find a solution to the global issue of waste “Red Mud” which is a highly alkaline waste product composed mainly of iron oxide that is generated in the industrial production of alumina . Phase two finalised the extraction process and phase three will focus on creating a production plant to commercialise the extracted Alumina.