Completed projects

Building stronger communities


AIG houses a portfolio of business and organisations. Since 1988 we’ve worked with government agencies, suppliers and consultants to identify innovations and cost-effective solutions to address the social and economic disadvantages that effect Aboriginal communities across Northern Australia.

We are proudly Aboriginal owned and led and financially independent, relying primarily on self-funding to fulfil our obligations.

These are the more recent projects completed by AIG. You will see a innovative range of solutions for bringing together the operational and charity arm of the corporation.

Bagala (Barunga) Community Store

Bagala (Barunga) Community Store
Client: Barunga Community Aboriginal Corporation
Location: Bagala Community

AIG’s construction arm Create Housing and Construction was engaged to construct a newer, larger, remote community store for the Barunga community.

The new store supports an increase in long-term employment for the local community and surrounding area. The storage and cold store facilities mean a wider range of fresh food can be sold at the store ultimately improving the availability of nutritious food.

The design provides stronger security measures to reduce losses from theft or unlawful entry. It exceeds workplace health and safety standards for customers, employees and employer.

Additionally, the new store greatly enhances the aesthetic appeal which in turn entices visitors; increasing trade and profitably.

Clothing Barunag General Store 600
Wirib General Store

Wirib Tourism Park General Store
Client: Gunamu Aboriginal Corporation
Location: Timber Creek

The Wirib Tourism Park and General Store provides essential services in Timber Creek such as accommodation, fuel and general store for the community and tourists . It is a commercial business (Wirib Pty Ltd) and the only income source for the Gunamu Aboriginal Corporation. In 2016 the store component of the park was identified as needing replacement.

Gunamu Aboriginal Corporation asked AIG to provide high level project management support which included applying for funding, managing the store build process and acquitting the funds at the end of the project.

The old store was too small given the tourist traffic through the store and the size of the community. It was also lacking fundamental elements such as big freezer and fridge capacity which meant only a small range of fresh produce could be stocked.

AIG’s modular design was used  to build a new store with larger fridges and freezers as well as a commercial kitchen with bakery facilities. The shop floor space was also bigger and designed to meet the needs of community members and tourists. A large decked sitting area was designed to promote the store as a place to stop, eat and rest rather than a refuel stop.

The Department of Prime Minister and Cabinet provided the funding for the general store project through the Aboriginals Benefit Account in 2017. AIG managed building the store and it was opened in early 2018.

Wirib verandah shot 300
Wirib general store 300
Inside Wirib General Store 300
Katherine residential houses

Aboriginal Investment Group
Location: Katherine
Value – $2.1 million


This project was an example of expanding our residential property portfolio into residential buildings.  The Katherine houses are an income stream this is a commercial asset and provides AIG income.

katherine build 600
Katherine housing 300
katherine housing high roof 300
Timber Creek Accommodation

Client: Bradshaw and Timber Creek Contracting and Resources Company
Location: Timber Creek


This construction project had dual objectives from its very conception: to provide accommodation and facilities for Aboriginal employees; and to support Aboriginal employment opportunities.

The client, BRTCRC, sought new facilities to better meet the needs of their operation and provide accommodation for their Aboriginal staff, many of whom do not live in Timber Creek. The accommodation can 12 single bedrooms with en-suite, one 2 bedroom and bathroom unit and a communal kitchen and dining areas.

Wind and Solar Test Facility

Client: Bunuwal Investments
Location: Gove NT

This wind and solar test tower was successfully constructed on the remote Gove Peninsula. AIG, through Create Housing & Construction, was engaged to construct the wind and solar test tower and to record the collected wind and solar information over an 18-month period. The recorded information can be used to complete feasibility studies for wind and solar initiatives, building the evidence base for potential wind turbine or solar infrastructure projects.

Blue Metal Quarry

Client: Rirratjingu Aboriginal Corporation
Location: Gove NT

AIG successfully negotiated the transfer of both the quarry and sandpit from Rio Tinto to the Rirratjingu Aboriginal Corporation in East Arnhem Land. AIG worked to ensure the obligations of the lease held by Rio Tinto were upheld and that the Aboriginal community could reclaim native land.