AIG staff

We are Aboriginal Investment Group

AIG is staffed by professionals who share a passion for enabling positive change in the lives of Aboriginal people in Northern Australia.

As an Aboriginal Corporation, AIG is uniquely privately funded and proudly independent. It holds a diverse investment portfolio which is managed by a passionate and skilled team.

The vision and prioirty of AIG is investing in our people and the team remains focused on achieving this.

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Steve Smith

Steve Smith started with AIG in 2013 and remains unwavering in his motivation for justice and integrity.

His training in law, government, project management and fraud detection places him an as ideal Chief Executive Officer for AIG. His lengthy experience working within all levels of government is an important asset when negotiating the strategic alignment of important AIG projects.

Steve is a strong leader who remains driven to realign the mandate of AIG by pursuing projects that ensure the vision of regional economic development to enhance the lives of Aboriginal people in the Northern Territory is achieved.

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Alexa Gutenberger
Chief Operating Officer 

Alexa joined AIG as the Chief Operating Officer in September 2018 after working with AIG for nearly two years in a consultancy role.

Alexa has a strong passion for empowering Indigenous people by sharing her knowledge to give people the power to make the right decisions and create a future for their families, community and business.

Alexa is a Chartered Accountant and has a Master of Business Economics. She has over 12 years’ professional experience with Deloitte in the Northern Territory specialising in the Indigenous and Not-for-Profit sector providing a wide range of services particularly in audit, governance, accounting and business advisory.

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Jolene Peacock
Office Manager/Assistant Accountant

Jolene joined AIG in 2015 and has a Diploma in Business with over 10 years experience working in finance in the commercial sector. Her training and experience provides her with a strong background for managing the financial side of AIG.

Jolene is heavily involved in the business support side of the AIG products which translates as providing vital book keeping services and efficiencies support to Aboriginal organisations to aid in business growth.

Jolene grew up in rural Queensland and is passionate about giving a helping hand to the ‘little guy’ to achieve economic and social developments in rural and remote Australia.

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Dominic Robbie
Store Coordinator 

Dominic started in August 2018 as Stores Coordinator and is involved in setting agreements with suppliers and supporting general stores in remote communities. Dominic is dedicated to creating good stores that better serve people in communities.

He has over 40 years of experience in retail across Australia and has been in the NT for the last 10 years working in remote community retail.

Dominic has worked in a variety of other careers across all states and territories including the wholesale food industry, restaurants and bus and truck transportation.

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Talia Henriques
Finance Manager

Talia started with the group in March 2019. As Finance Manager Talia oversees the financial management of AIG and its clients.

Growing up in Darwin has fostered a passion for using her Batchelor of Accounting to help local organisations grow and succeed. For six years she worked with Deloitte Private where she specialised in local not for profit organisations.

Louise Hill

Louise started with AIG in June 2018 and brings a background in bookkeeping, administration, customer service and experience of living in Darwin for 22 years.

Louise believes the AIG finance team plays an important part in the positive contribution AIG gives to Aboriginal people in the NT. She believes she is working in a role that genuinely invests in people.

In her spare time Louise is a fitness instructor and spends time with her family and friends.

Lewis Knibbs

Starting in January 2019, Lewis works part time with AIG while studying third-year Bachelor of Business, majoring in Economics, Finance and Trade. Lewis has over 10 years working in Indigenous community development and brings a strong passion for developing the NT through economic growth.

Lewis assists with the development of new projects, including applying for appropriate grants, and ensuring AIG’s client companies are maximising outcomes through sustainable long-term opportunities for growth.

Lewis comes from an Indigenous family with ties to both the Central Desert region and the Katherine Region. When Lewis has some spare time he enjoys spending time on country, whether it is mountain biking, hiking or fishing.

Elouis Thaiday

Elouis started her Receptionist role at AIG in August 2018 after moving to Darwin from Cairns.

She has a passion for working with people and is keen to learn new and valuable skills from the team at AIG.

Elouis comes from St Pauls Community on Moa Island in the Torres Strait and has three beautiful children who take up all her time when she isn’t working.