About us

We are building in stronger communities
We go beyond wealth creation and investing in projects, we invest in our people. AIG is a not-for-profit Aboriginal organisation, dedicated to creating Aboriginal prosperity through innovative investment. We are 100% Aboriginal owned and self-funded. The operational arm of the business supports our charitable objectives. We are absolutely committed to providing a better tomorrow for our people.
Steve Smith
Investing in people

AIG is structured around a unique model of wealth creation in the form of assets and wealth distribution in the form of project management and support.

We are dedicated to the improvement and regeneration of remote Aboriginal communities and the creation of sustainable employment opportunities for Aboriginal people.


AIG will engage in sustainable development to enable prosperity in the lives of Aboriginal people in the Northern Territory.


To foster and develop Aboriginal people with passion, integrity and commitment.

Strategic objectives
  • Economic development in regional and remote Australia
  • Social dividend and community benefits to the regional and remote Aboriginal communities in the northern part of the Northern Territory
  • Ecological development and sustainability in regional and remote Australia
AIG as umbrella organisation

We house five entities, each with different functions.

  • Northern Australia Aboriginal Corporation
  • ¬†Northern Australian Aboriginal Charitable Trust
  • Northern Aboriginal Investment Corporation
  • Create Housing and Construction Pty Ltd
  • Northern Australian Aboriginal Developments


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