We are AIG

People are our most important asset

Aboriginal Investment Group is creating opportunities for people living in communities of the seven northern regions of the Northern Territory.

We are guided by our strategic objectives:

  • Economic development in regional and remote Australia.
  • Social dividend and community benefits to regional and remote Aboriginal communities in the northern part of Northern Territory.
  • Ecological development and sustainability in regional and remote Australia.

Aboriginal Investment Group is 100% Aboriginal owned and self-funded and with this model continues to be a leader in social advancement in the Northern Territory.

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We will always stand by our people and support them every step of the way.


We conduct ourselves in an honest and responsible way. Our actions will reflect a business with integrity.


We understand that to provide our people with a better tomorrow, we need to make good decisions. This means that developing a business that works only in the interest of our people and the broader Aboriginal community.


Our people are our most important asset we have and we are passionate about creating a better tomorrow for our future generations.


We act with integrity in achieving success, and believe this is the best way we can preserve and protect our cultural heritage.


We share a strong commitment to providing a better future for our children and we believe that by providing our people with the best possible job opportunities and sustainable economic development, we can have meaningful social and ecological impact on Aboriginal communities across Northern Australia.